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Week of July 31-August 5, 2011

Embodied Relational Gestalt Symposium with


During this symposium, we will explore specific relational and somatic theories and methodologies within a Gestalt psychotherapy frame. Going well beyond the original Gestalt practice of "concentration" and "attention to sensation," these cutting edge advances emphasize the significance of observing and understanding the body-to-body communication that emerges within the relational field. Such ongoing interactive patterns convey enduring and embodied themes that are elicited and shaped within the client and psychotherapist dialogue. A growing sensitivity to nonverbal patterns of communication expands and augments the psychotherapists' ability to understand their own and their clients' fullness of experience.

The symposium format will include plenary presentations each day, followed by a variety of sessions on various applications of Gestalt somatic and relational practice. These will include working with developmental and post-traumatic disturbances, culture, family therapy with children, adolescents, and infants. There will be community and free times for participants to enjoy the thrilling landscape of Big Sur and the relaxing environment of Esalen.

For more information and registration:  www.esalen.org

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