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Portland Gestalt Therapy Institute (PGTI) is dedicated to advancing the humanistic
philosophies and practices of Gestalt therapy. Since 1992 PGTI has been offering
training in the Pacific Northwest.


Portland Gestalt Therapy Training Institute was founded in 1992 by
Carol Swanson, LCSW, and Maya Brand. PGTI evolved from a peer
study group that met biweekly from
the early 1980’s into the 1990’s.
For five years, the study group met
with Isadore From, the “dean of
Gestalt therapy.” His scholarly approach to the teaching of Gestalt theory had a profound influence
on Carol's work as therapist and trainer.PGTI has offered training for the past thirteen
years for persons interested in learning about the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy.
In 2000 Jeffrey Sher, PsyD, joined the faculty of PGTI.

The Portland Gestalt Therapy Institute is an organizational affiliate with the Pacific
Gestalt Institute (PGI),
in Los Angeles, CA. Both PGI and PGTI emphasize a contemporary relational perspective in Gestalt therapy.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our program.

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