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Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT)
A dynamic, inclusive, energetic non-profit organization committed to the
advancement of theory, philosophy, practice and research in Gestalt Therapy
and its various applications

Gestalt! Online Journal
An electronic journal with full-text articles, interviews, and information about
Gestalt therapy, theory, practice, and practitioners.

Gestalt Bookmarks
Various subjects related to Gestalt therapy theory, practice, and practitioners,
arranged under various broad categories; complied by the Gestalt! Online Journal.

Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles (GTILA)

Gestalt Therapy Page
Gestalt Therapy Bookstore, newsletter, directory of Gestalt therapists, material
from the
International Gestalt Journal, and more. Sponsored by The Gestalt
Journal Press.

Gestalt Therapy International Network (GTin)

Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia (GTIP)
Community and training institute dedicated to advancing the humanistic
philosopies and practices of Gestalt Therapy in the Philadelphia area since 1984.

Center for Somatic Studies
Diverse group of psychotherapists, health practitioners, body workers, yoga
teachers, infant educators, and other students of human potential offering a
variety of courses, workshops, and residential training programs. Founded and
directed by Ruella Frank.

Pacific Gestalt Institute (PGI)

Rubenfeld Synergy Method®
Rubenfeld Synergy is a trademarked system for mind/body integration developed
during the early 1960s by Ilana Rubenfeld. Her method incorporates elements
from the body/mind teachings of F. M. Alexander and Moshe Feldenkrais; the
hypnotherapy methods of Milton Erickson; and Gestalt psychotherapy theory
and techniques of Fritz and Laura Perls.

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